Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hodge Podge

I really despise the Pittsburgh Steelers. I miss the days, when the Patriots would go into their stadium to play an AFC Championship and whip them good. After another heartbreaking loss, Hines Ward would be crying into a microphone and their fans overloading the Greater Pittsburgh Samaratans hotline. Good times!

It took 11 months, but Asante Samuel finally held onto an Eli Manning interception. Too bad he didn't hold onto the one in the Super Bowl.

Their strategy may blow up in their face come August, but I like the way the Red Sox are stocking up their team this offseason. The team is picking up players who are high quality if healthy, for low money deals that are short term. My favorite signing is the Brad Penny one. He was a dominant starter as recently as 2007, but he struggled with injuries all last year.

Tomorrow will be Jim Rice's last chance to get into the Hall of Fame. I believe he belongs, due to him being a dominant slugger before pitching was watered down by expansion and before performance enhancing drugs were widely used. I don't believe he gets in, because of his rudeness to the media during his playing days. Fair or not, it's human nature for anyone to have a hard time putting aside the way Rice treated the very writers who vote and hold his fate.

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