Monday, January 26, 2009

Madam Speaker

Ever since Barack Obama reached the magic number of delegates to become the Democratic Presidential nominee, the Democrats have done a masterful job of positioning themselves as the party that will best represent our country's interests. While the Republicans nominated a calcifying John McCain to be their nominee, Obama came across as the hip, fresh face looking to implement new, bold ideas that generated excitement across the country. The carefully cultivated image resonated. In the election, the country elected Obama to be President and the Democrats extended their majorities in the House and the Senate .

Since his election, President Obama has moved to the center, and made serious, sober choices for members of his Cabinet and staff. Choices such as Lawrence Summers and Rahm Emanuel show wisdom and and a desire to have some experienced hands on deck.

All was going well for the Democrats, until Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi opened her mouth. Speaker Pelosi comes from one of the most liberal districts in the country. Her climb up the ladder to leadership in the Democratic Party is both stunning and unexplainable. Every time she speaks in public, she only reinforces the image that she's a product of the ultra liberal left whose ideas are far out of the mainstream.

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi appeared on This Week with George Stephanopoulos where she insisted that increased funding for birth control will help stimulate the economy. W-H-A-T?

I don't have teenage children, but I can't think of much that will rile up parents of hormone driven teenagers than the interpretation of the federal government using their tax dollars to enable their kids to be having sex, because birth control will be more readily available. Exactly how will increased birth control funding stimulate the economy?

Less than a week in office, having to answer questions about Speaker Pelosi's foolish commentary, is the last thing President Obama needs to be doing. Speaker Pelosi's far left agenda is not in sync with what President Obama wants to be projecting during this time of economic crisis. Speaker Pelosi also gave the Republicans an easy issue to use for negative television advertisements against the Democrats.

I've got a feeling that President Obama will be calling Speaker Pelosi and Senate President Harry Reid reminding them to stick to the current strategic Obama talking points and to keep their loonier ideas to themselves, away from the TV cameras and microphones.

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Anonymous said...

Pelosi is a partisan, communist twunt. The people of California that reelect her are as moronic as Barney Frank supporters, and the members of the House electing her speaker should all be impeached.

But, beyond that, thanks in advance for handing congress back to us in 2010 9% Nancy.