Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Musings

Just like last year, the Celtics "survived" a best of 7 opening round playoff series by finally putting the nails in the coffin of the Chicago Bulls. Unlike last year, I think this team is ultimately doomed, due to the supposed absence for the rest of the playoffs of Kevin Garnett. However, credit the Celtics players, particularly Glenn Davis for playing hard and doing their part in trying to makeup for The Big Ticket's absence. Leon Powe, who's out with a torn knee, is a big loss off the bench as well.

Danny Ainge badly misjudged the value of James Posey's contributions last year, as well as Tony Allen's ability to make up for Posey. Frankly, Tony Allen STINKS. He plays stupid and he only does well against inferior teams or blowouts. Allen hasn't improved at all since coming in to the league as a rookie in 2005.

Hey Vinny Del Negro, 1985 called and wants its haircut back.

Count me as loving the Patriots draft, with its infusion of youth in the secondary in the second round. Last year's performance by the Pats secondary was the worst since the 2000 season, when they had stiffs like Antonio Langham getting toasted by every receiver the Pats faced that season. Darius Butler is said to have great cover skills and Patrick Chung is considered a hard hitting safety. Perfect!

I also like the trade of Ellis Hobbs to the Eagles for a fifth rounder next year. Hobbs is a big talking, undersized dime cornerback masquerading as a #1 corner. Hobbs is a JAG (just another guy) to me.

David Ortiz had ZERO HR for April and his bat looks as slow as Jim Rice's circa 1989-90. Last night was a perfect example. Papi was ahead in the count 2-0, when he got an 88 mph fastball down the middle of the plate, which he was late on and fouled back. I'm officially concerned about Big Papi.

Tropicana Field has become a house of horrors for the Red Sox. They are 2-10 in their last 12 games there. The Rays represent a tough matchup for the Red Sox. They take punches from the Sox, and hit back twice as hard. Although, Genius Joe Maddon foolishly outsmarted himself last night pulling fireballer Grant Balfour and putting in lefty specialist Brian Shouse to pitch to Kevin Youkilis with runners in scoring position last night. Youk jerked one down the LF line and knocked in 2 runs, which effectively won the Sox the game.

The Bruins are back in action tonight at 7:30 vs. the Harford Whale...oops, I mean the Carolina Hurricanes in their second round playoff series. It's hard to find a sport as exciting as playoff hockey. It flows well, lots of hard hitting and up and down action. Plus, unlike the other 3 major sports, the action isn't dogged by time outs and pitching changes. What's not to like?

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