Thursday, April 23, 2009


Another beautiful day here in sunny Naples, FL. It was 88 degrees and it will be 89 tomorrow. No week ever goes by faster than a week in Florida. The days pile up fast and next thing you know, it's almost time to leave. No time in the world goes by faster than time spent parked in a lounge chair on the beach.

Naples is my kind of vacation - beach, beer, and dining at some of the hundreds of restaurants available to dine at in Naples. What a place! Exactly why did my family decide it would be best to settle in the Northeast as opposed to down here where every day is sunny and 80?

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins on their first playoff series victory in ten years. There's a Cup Bruin in Boston this year! This team is loaded and deep. They play defense and Tim Thomas had the best regular season of any NHL goaltender. What's not to like about their chances for Lord Stanley's Cup?

I caught a moment of Lindsay Lohan on the Ellen show this morning. I may be wrong, but I swore I heard her say she doesn't party when she's working on a film. Really? As a faithful reader of the NY Post's Page Six section, if that were truly the case, why can't she get work in Hollywood? It's because she's a one person Barnum and Bailey's Circus. For goodness sakes, kid, go move to Wyoming, get your life together, and stay out of the the public eye for a year. California and NYC are not good places for her to be. Then again, she doesn't strike me as being all that bright.

Just about done reading Marc Levin's Liberty and Tyranny - A Conservative Manifesto. Levin makes many great points in the book, however it does get redundant after a while. A worthy read, nonetheless, because you really find out how clueless liberals , or as Levin calls them "Statists" really are.

I think it is greatness that there are all those empty seats at the new Yankee Stadium in the front rows behind home plate. Who can justify $2500 per seat to watch them get bombed 22-4 by the Indians in this economy?

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After all most outdoors would look bare without outdoor lounge chair.