Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bashing Democrats

The Boston Globe published an embarrassingly fawning article about MA Senator John Kerry in yesterday's paper. I won't link it, because I don't want to give boston.com the web hits. Governor Deval Patrick may be an empty suit, but Kerry is the original empty suit do nothing politician. The Globe describes Kerry's service to the Commonwealth as being more caring than ever and exceeding expectations. What the Globe should've asked is why did it take him FIVE terms to care about his job or perform it well? I don't recall reading such a feature when Mitt Romney or Paul Cellucci were governor - both of whom had significant positive accomplishments during their tenures as governor. Could it have anything to do with Romney and Cellucci being Republicans? Nah!!! No way!

Remember when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would have sales tax holidays for one day every year in August? Well, now under liberal, tone deaf Governor Deval Patrick we have an August sales tax hike - from 5% to 6.25%. Governor Patrick has not fulfilled one campaign promise from his "Together We Can" tour of 2006. He's been an impotent leader and isn't even respected by leaders in his own party in the Legislature. The 2010 gubernatorial campaign can't come soon enough for me. Tim Cahill or Christy Mihos would both be excellent replacements for Patrick.

I still can't believe that the voters of Minnesota elected Al Franken to be their U.S. Senator. Then again, they elected Jesse Ventura as Governor, so I shouldn't be surprised by their awe of celebrities.

There's political unrest in Honduras, Iran's election was a mess, and North Korea is threatening to launch a practice missile in the direction of Hawaii. What is President Obama going to do about all this? This is one of those times where I wish there were some adults in charge (i.e. Dick Cheney) around the White House.

Gallup has a poll in which more Americans are finding the Democratic Party as "Too Liberal". Really? No way! Where were they back in November?

The Supreme Court made the correct decision on a 5-4 vote where they came to the conclusion that white New Haven firefighters were discriminated against when they were denied promotions in favor of minorities who scored lower on the tests than the white firefighters. It is good to see that a majority of the Supreme Court found discrimination to be color blind. What is disconcerting is four members of the Supreme Court were okay with discrimination in the name of diversity. Barack Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, (who as a member of a lower court, ruled in favor of discrimination) to the Supreme Court should be fought hard by Republicans.

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Anonymous said...

2 notes, first the people of Minnesota did not elect Stuart Smalley, that was an ACORN style special. And Sotamayor did not just rule in favor of general discrimination, she ruled on that exact case in New Haven.

Did you see the Mayor of New Haven, saying this would be a setback for blacks everywhere who "feel all tests are stacked against them". Puhleeze... could liberals be any more racist? Blacks need help on they's tests, massah! They's too dumb to study and pass a test on dey own!

Unbelievable. Remember, New Haven was also the home of the emminent-domain-as-a-transfer-of-wealth-between-private-entities ruling. Annex New Haven, stick the UN there.