Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things On My Mind On A Rainy Day

Some thoughts on another gloomy June New England day...

Boston Globe scribe Nick Cafardo mentioned today that Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield is worthy of being considered for the All Star Game. STOP IT! Despite Wakefield being 8-3, guys with 4.50 ERA's aren't All Stars. Wakefield has pitched well when the Red Sox have needed him, but an All Star, he is not.

Next time Cafardo writes a column like this, how about if he does a little research about how Wakefield stacks up against the rest of the American League pitchers? Here are some that are far more deserving this season than Wakefield: Zack Greinke, Roy Halladay, Josh Beckett, CC Sabathia, Justin Verlander, Erik Bedard, Felix Hernandez, Edwin Jackson, Mark Buerhle - and those are just the starting pitchers. I didn't even mention relievers.

David Letterman should be ashamed of himself for the tasteless jokes he made about Sarah Palin and her family. Of course, since Palin is an independently thinking woman (i.e. doesn't toe the NOW/Democratic Party line), the Palins are given the no holds barred treatment by the liberal media. What if someone like Don Imus had made similar cracks about Nancy Pelosi? How would that be treated?

It baffles me how Letterman still even has a show. He wasn't funny in 1986, never mind in 2009. From what I've seen of his show, I've never once cracked a smile, never mind laughed. David Letterman's show is boring and tedious to me.

Regarding the Massachusetts Governor's Race in 2010 - ABD - Anyone But Deval. I just hope that there isn't an independent candidate, so votes don't get siphoned from the Republican candidate.

President Barack Obama was quoted the other day as saying it was ok to borrow money for healthcare. On the surface, it's not that outrageous of a quote, until you realize how much money the U.S. Government is now borrowing to stay afloat. Currently, the U.S. budget deficit is hovering around $1.7 trillion and the National Debt is $11 trillion. In 2011, the Baby Boomers will begin retiring, thus the Social Security trust fund will be drained over the next decade. Exactly, how is the U.S. Government even in a position to borrow another penny? I can't see China continuing to loan us money.

The definition of silliness - Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio describing star defensive lineman John Henderson's decision to sit out OTA's (Organized Team Activities) due to a bruised shoulder as "(Vince) Lombardi is probably rolling over right now." This is Exhibit A as to why Jack Del Rio should no longer be an NFL head coach. It's EARLY JUNE! Training camp isn't for another 6 weeks! Calling out one of your best players in the offseason isn't exactly the way to inspire your football team!

On the subject of OTA's, I didn't realize that they are actually different than minicamps. Teams aren't supposed to be hitting during OTA's, but I'm sure many of them do. The OTA's are "voluntary". If you are a marginal NFL player, attending OTA's is probably a wise idea. However, if you're an established player who's going to be finishing a rookie contract and looking at free agency at the end of the upcoming season, the last place to be is at the OTA's. Why risk an injury when you technically don't have to be there? The fact that these are "voluntary", makes Del Rio's comment about Henderson all the more ludicrous.

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Jim Callaghan said...

Carfado is a joke. I'm sure he still has Terry Glenn on speed dial. And, I'm sure we're not more than a week away of hearing from J.P. Riccardi.