Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dogs, Dogs, Everywhere There's Dogs

Full disclosure: Other than Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, I like dogs. I can't have one due to my allergies, but generally don't mind them.

However, when did we as a nation become so pet happy? Particularly dogs. What Michael Vick did was revolting, but he did 2 years in jail. Compare that to Donte Stallworth who did less than a month in jail for manslaughter. Yet, there's outrage over Vick being signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.

When did dogs become so part of a family, that they now go EVERYWHERE? I just spent a week on Cape Cod and I saw countless dogs on the beach. Sorry, but I don't want your filthy, smelly mutt around when I'm chilling, drinking my favorite adult beverage by the ocean. Leave it at home. You may think your dog's cute, but I don't.

The worst offender of the week, was when we were at Savory Pizza Grille and Sweet Escape Ice Cream in Truro. Terrific pizza and ice cream, which unfortunately was dampened by this idiot family that carried the dog inside a woman's purse, then proceeded to let it walk around the picnic area unleashed while we were eating. At one point, the dog walked under our table. What the heck? There's a reason why dogs aren't allowed in restaurants. Same thing in the outdoor picnic area. It's unsanitary.

Going forward dog owners, please take others into consideration, when you take your mutts with you on vacation. If you can't be considerate, put the dog in a kennel for a week or find someone to care for him.

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Anonymous said...

Screw Vick, it takes a certain kind of scum bag to attack a helpless, trusting animal. It's no surprise that 90% of serial killers come from a past that includes animal abuse.

I say lock him in a cell with Dante Stallworth, give Vick a gun, and Dante a car, whichever one comes out can play in Oakland for the rest of their career.