Thursday, August 13, 2009

Town Hall Troubles

Despite protestations to the contrary, the Town Hall meetings being held by Representatives and Senators across the country are really starting to backfire on the Democrats. Every night there's a new clip of a politician getting chastized by his constituents at these meetings. Yesterday, the best clip yet was released where Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee had the temerity to answer a cell phone call while a constituent was speaking at the microphone.

The Obama Administration and Democrats can spin these confrontations at the Town Hall Meetings as Republican shenanigans or not representative of the views of most Americans all they want, but the truth is in the poll numbers. Obama's approval rating is down to FORTY SEVEN percent today. These meetings are doing serious damage to a party that has obviously overreached on any mandate they believed they had to implement extreme left wing policies.

The Obama Administration is so desperate to turn the tide that they actually planted an 11 year old girl in a Portsmouth, NH town hall audience, where Obama presided over a meeting and had the girl ask a softball question. Turns out, the girl's mother was a big Obama supporter and worked on fundraising activities in Massachusetts during the presidential campaign. Naturally, the Obama Administration denies this "coincidence".

Right now, the Democrats look like a collection of out of touch amateurs with no clue how to govern. Other than tacking on $787 billion to the federal budget deficit in a stimulus bill laden with pork barrel projects and favors for supporters, what has Barack Obama and the Democratic dominated House and Senate accomplished in the seven months since Inauguration Day? The House of Representatives is run by crazies like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Charlie Rangel. The Senate has lunatics like Barbara Boxer who asked a member of the armed forces to refer to her as "Senator", not "ma'am" and described the Town Hall Meetings as people "storming these town hall meetings".

Before the 9/11 tragedy, President George W. Bush had a very significant accomplishment that benefited the American workers. He passed a $1.35 trillion tax cut in the spring of 2001. Critics say that the cut disproportionately benefited the rich, but frankly it benefited everyone. Money back in people's pockets as opposed to the government coffers is always a good thing. I don't recall people storming town hall meetings complaining about tax cuts in the summer of 2001.

The Democrats are fortunate that November 2010 is a long way away. Maybe they'll get lucky and the economy will be growing by then. Right now, they can't stop shooting themselves in their collective feet with each policy initiative they propose bringing the U.S. closer to socialism. If they opt to hike taxes, 2010 will be a repeat of 1994. That was the year where the "throw the bums out" atmosphere was so prevailing that even Speaker of the House Tom Foley was thrown out of office.

What will be interesting is when the August recess is over and a government health care plan is actually voted upon. Will the House and Senate members vote to commit political suicide with their careers or vote against a bill to save their seats? I predict health reform will ultimately fail due to political expediency.


Nick McNulty said...

Throw the bums out, all of them. Any rep or senator, R or D, not willing to put pen to paper saying "I will respect the Constitution and reduce the federal government to it's enumerated powers only" should be run out of town on a rail.

Nick McNulty said...

Barney Frank finally had his Town Hall meeting, out on the Cape, hope you were able to make it.