Friday, November 7, 2008

Barack Obama and the Democratic Majority

Congratulations to Barack Obama for being elected the 44th President of the United States. He ran a brilliant campaign that energized voters all across the country who were tired of President George W. Bush. Fair or not, the President gets the blame when the economy sours. The tanking of the stock market due to the credit crisis, is the exclamation point on Bush's terrible second term, featuring record budget deficits and oil prices reaching sky high levels. The legacy of Bush's second term were the lasting images of the suffering of the people of New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina and the Bush Administration's bungling of the situation.

I am willing to give President-elect Obama a chance. However, I expect Obama and the Democrats to overreach and veer far to the left, just like the GOP veered far to the right in 2000.

President-elect Obama could not have made a better choice for Chief of Staff than Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, a former Clinton Administration veteran. Emanuel is well known for his intensity and willingness to step on toes and get in people's faces to get results. I expect Emanuel to run a very efficient White House operation.

After vaguely denying his interest in the role during his re-election campaign, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is angling for the Secretary of State position. I'm hoping Obama selects him, so that the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can be emancipated from Kerry's 24 year reign of idleness in the Senate. Countries of the world are familiar with Senator Kerry due to his 2004 Presidential run. They will love John Kerry as Secretary of State, particularly France. He's long winded, looks French, and will appease them.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding President Bush's "failed second term", I would turn Rahm Emmanuel's words on the incoming 111th Congress back on members of the 109th Congress' Republicans;"Let me say this as to my colleagues, although committed to their philosophy, they are incredibly pragmatic. They have lived through an experience in the minority. And they know how they got to be in the minority. And they know one very important political principle. They know that if President-elect Obama succeeds, all of us succeed. And if he doesn't succeed, his failures won't be limited to him."

The failures of George Bush are shared by the anchorless Republicans of Congress, who failed to support Presdent Bush at the very beginning of his second term on Social Security reform, taxed and spent like Democrats the past 4 years, and who - with Bush's horrible communications office - allowed liberals to define the war on terror single handedly.

The Republican brand is tarnished, we need some new blood. Every Repbublican reading this can help by joining their local GOP and start putting the party back together on conservative principles. 2010 should yield some very good conservatie candidates, Republican-lite failed miserably as of November 4th, 2008

The whole Emanuel interview is pretty good. Here it is;