Saturday, November 1, 2008

John McCain for President of the United States

As we close in on 2009, we live in a very busy world. We have wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in which we are combating terrorism, the global economy is very shaky, North Korea, Russia, and China continue to cause diplomatic aggravation, and we face big problems on the domestic front. Domestically, we struggle with the problem of illegal immigration, solvency of the Social Security system with the Baby Boomer generation nearing retirement, and a credit crisis that is taking a toll on the U.S. economy and stock market.

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama has inspired millions of people to donate money, and enthusiastically support his candidacy through volunteer efforts. Senator Obama is well spoken and is a fresh face to the scene. For those tired of President George W. Bush, Obama is seen as the answer to their prayers.

However, now is not a time for a well spoken candidate with very little record of accomplishment. This is a nice way of saying Senator Barack Obama is an empty suit. The packaging is nice, but what's inside?

This blog wholeheartedly endorses the candidacy of John McCain for President and Sarah Palin for Vice President.

Senator John McCain has spent five decades dedicating himself to the service of our country. He sacrificed years of his life as a POW in Vietnam, when as a Naval fighter pilot, he was shot down. Senator McCain also served in the House of Representatives, before being elected Senator.

Now is a time for an "adult" to be in the White House. Senator McCain is a budget hawk who has a long record of fiscal responsibility. Senator McCain has angered members of his own party with his pork fighting efforts. He also has a firm grasp of foreign affairs and the military. When liberal Democrats such as Congressman Barney Frank are bragging they plan on cutting military spending by 25% if Senator Obama is elected, such wreckless proposals will never be instituted under a McCain Administration.

Under a Democratic Presidency with full Democratic control of the House and Senate, taxes will certainly be raised. Tax hikes are not the prescription to fix our ailing economy. Senator McCain will fight to keep taxes low, while containing wasteful spending.

While there are millions without health insurance, after a $700 billion Wall Street bailout, now is not the time to bust open the federal coffers with a national healthcare system, which Senator Obama will look to implement. The cost of healthcare continues to balloon, but tax credits and tax free savings accounts for healthcare are a better plan at this point in time.

One underrated avenue that hasn't been explored much this election season is the impact of the candidates on the judicial system. This blog has grave concerns that if elected, Senator Obama will pack the courts with extreme left judges, who will look to make law from the bench as opposed to only interpreting the Constitution. Senator McCain will propose judges who will be tough on crime, uphold the constitutionality of capital punishment, and keep marriage sacred between a man and a woman.

A lot has been made about Governor Sarah Palin's supposed lack of experience this election. This charge is unfair, because Governor Palin actually has more executive experience than Senator Obama; yet Governor Palin will only be Vice President. This blog is not concerned about Governor Palin. While she is a fresh face on the scene, Governor Palin is obviously very smart and already has successfully implemented positive change in Alaska by taking on entrenched political machines and defeating them.

This blog hopes that on Tuesday, the voters of the greatest country in the world will take a look at the full picture, as opposed to getting caught up in nice rhetoric and empty promises. Senator John McCain is the man to lead our country through these volatile times.

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