Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quick Hits

Thursday night's loss vs. the Jets is the second close loss of the season for the Patriots; the other being the game vs. the Colts. My biggest concern is the secondary, particularly Brandon Meriwether playing 25 yds off the line of scrimmage on 3rd down and 15 in overtime. The Patriots definitely need to put more focus on getting quality veterans (as well as draft picks) for the secondary.

No one is noticing, but the Boston Bruins are playing great hockey and are in first place in the Northeast Division at 10-3-3. They were particularly impressive vs. the Montreal Canadiens Thursday night getting every loose puck, hitting hard, and getting quality goaltending. Of course it also helps when the puck finds the net. They have another tough game tonight at the Garden vs. the Atlantic Division leading NY Rangers.

The Yankees offered CC Sabathia a ton of money. Yawn.

How embarrassing must Barry Melrose have been as Tampa Bay Lightning head coach to be fired six weeks into the regular season?

When he retired, I was hoping we were done with loudmouth defensive lineman Warren Sapp for good. But now he's on NFL Network all the time, as well as Dancing with the Stars (which I don't watch). I don't understand why this jerk gets a forum to pop off his ill advised opinions. Why is he badmouthing Keyshawn Johnson, when Key has been retired for a few seasons? Sapp mailed it in and got fat during his entire Raiders tenure. He stole Al Davis' money. Just go away and continue to get fatter, Warren.

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Nick McNulty said...

I'd say TB's young ownership is more of an embarassment, tossing the coach when the spoiled players complained about ice time. Good luck motivating this team now, Rick Tocchett, you have been told publicly that you are just there to call the lines out, and make sure Lecavalier and Staimkos are happy, or you're gone too.

Sounds almost as much fun as coaching Mario Lemieux when he was player/owner.