Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The "I'm Sick of Politics" Post

Granted it is Election Day, but today's post is going to be about what's been on my television of late.

Monday night - 8:00 PM - While flicking through the channels, the original Rocky was on AMC. I'm a sucker for Rocky. I cannot help but watch it everytime it is on. I've seen it dozens of times. The movie is unquestionably one of the best movies ever made. The depth of Sylvester Stallone's performance is so awe inspiring, that it almost justifies the stinkers he made later in his career such as "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot", "Over The Top", "Rhinestone", and "Cobra".

Thursday night - 9:00 PM - The Office is as close to "Must See Network TV" as there is for me. The over the top antics of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and the uptight, overly ambitious Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) carry the show. There are always a few funny and cringe worthy moments; particularly when Michael is conducting a workshop on Ethics or Diversity.

Thursday night - 10:00 PM - I'm a sucker for VH1's Celebreality shows. If it's not The Surreal Life, it's Rock of Love or Celebrity Fit Club. Right now, I'm watching Celebrity Rehab. Watching fourth rate celebrities such as Jeff Conaway (Bobby from Taxi and Kenickie from Grease) and former Guns 'N Roses drummer Steve Adler is like watching a train crash. You can't turn away. Everytime I watch one of the VH1 Celebreality shows, I can feel the brain cells disintegrating in my head. However, I can't shut these shows off.

Sunday night - 10:00 PM - Entourage - This is my favorite show on TV. The show is funny, has interesting story lines, and great dialogue. Entourage has it all. Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold is THE best character on all of network and cable TV. My only criticism of the show is the number of hot women "E" hooks up with. How's that 5 foot nothing scoring hot girl after hot girl? The only guy that small who's been with more women is Prince back in his Purple Rain days.

Monday night - 10:00 PM - The Hills - My wife watches this show religiously, I abhor it. I cannot even be in the same room when it is on. My understanding of the show is it is a scripted reality show. It has to be scripted, because there is no way these characters would hang out with each other in real life. Every week someone is always mad at one of the others and wants to stab the person they are angry at in the neck with a steak knife. Why would you want that kind of drama in your life? If you don't like someone, DON'T HANG OUT WITH THEM!


Zeke Mowatt said...

Take her to the zoo, Rock. I hear retards love the zoo.

Nick McNulty said...

I see nuanced, thoughtful, tolerant liberals have found your blog, Kevin, congratulations - you have made it. Welcome to the club.

My viewing habits consist of Battlefield, Battleplan, Engineering an Empire, Warlords, and Weaponology, but as far as network (or psuedo-network) TV goes, gotta give love to The Shield(this season is better than season 6), the Office as well, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rescue Me, and Stargate Atlantis, which is back on solid footing after some messy early season pap.

Enjoy the week off, the campaign for 2012 begins on November 11th!

Jason Carrington said...

Try a little Keith Olberman or Rachel Maddow and you'll what to stab yourself in the neck with a steak knife.