Friday, April 10, 2009

Crumbs on the Table

My new favorite TV show is Rock of Love Tour Bus with Bret Michaels. It is riveting televison. I know that brain cells are disintegrating in my head as I watch the show, but I can't shut it off. Sunday will be the season finale where Bret will pick his Rock of Love, as well as supposedly being the series finale. As much as I enjoyed the first two seasons, this Tour Bus season has been the best of them all. Poison frontman Michaels comes across as a fidelity challenged, yet very likeable star of the show.

On Tuesday, I was really looking forward to the first episode of the television show Rescue Me in almost two years. My wife and I are big Denis Leary fans and attend his Comics Come Home benefit every year. Before going off the air and skipping last season due to the Writer's Strike, Rescue Me was one of my favorite shows on TV. After watching Tuesday's season opener, I came away disappointed. I waited that long for THAT? The first episode reminded me of Seinfeld where nothing happened, except Seinfeld happened to be funny. I can't recall a worse episode of Rescue Me than this season opener. I found myself bored watching it.

I really enjoy playing golf and tennis. I find both sports to be great fun, and in the case of golf, addicting. However, I can't stand watching either on TV or listen to analysis about them on the radio. When a sports radio station starts talking about a golf tournament, nothing makes me reach for a car radio button to change the station faster. FLICK!

Exactly why do ten year old kids need a cellphone and what planet are these parents that give these kids cell phones at that age on?

I just finished reading "Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days And The Party Nights Of The Dallas Cowboys" by Jeff Pearlman. I found this to be the best sports book I've read since "Snake" by Ken Stabler. While Pearlman's prose is occasionally redundant (I believe he described Aikman as enjoying country music and cold beer three times in the book), his writing style is very readable and enjoyable. I couldn't put the book down. Extra credit is given to Pearlman for his two page thrashing of the loathsome ESPN "personality" Skip Bayless. The most fascinating part of the book is Pearlman's character sketch of Hall of Famer Michael Irvin.

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