Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day!

Despite the World Champion Phillies opening the season with a loss to America's Team (the Braves) last night, I'll declare today to be Opening Day with thirteen games scheduled today. After a few years of wise decisions by MLB where most of the Opening Day games being held in the warmer climates of the south, California, and dome stadiums, MLB inexplicably reverted back to scheduling Opening Day games in Chicago and Boston. Because of this decision, the Royals-White Sox game has already been postponed due to snow in Chicago today and the Rays-Red Sox game is in jeopardy of being postponed due to rain.

One of the biggest MLB disappointments of the last ten years has to be Nationals 1B Nick Johnson. He tore up the minor leagues back in his Yankee days and was ticketed to for superstardom. He's got power and has a great batting eye - .396 lifetime OBP. However, he just cannot stay on the field due to injuries and his numbers suffer for it. Some guys are made of glass and Johnson is one of those players.

I barely recognize anyone from the Nationals pitching staff.

The Yankees defense looks to be among the worst in MLB.

Looking at the Cincinnati Reds offense, they may only score about as often as an MLS soccer team. The days of the Big Red Machine seem like a century ago.

The worst free agency signing this past offseason is the Giants giving Edgar Renteria ridiculous money. How do GM's like the Giants Brian Sabean and the Padres Kevin Towers continue to hold onto jobs? The teams they construct are always either terrible or mediocre.

Perusing the St. Louis Cardinals roster, it's looks like it could be a long year for the Cardinals and their fans. That team that won the World Series in 2006, is completely dismantled. That's a shame, because that team has great fans, but owner Bill DeWitt has been on a penny pinching roll the last few years and it's hurting the product.

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