Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Quickie

Come on, Boston Red Sox. Can't you get someone better to throw out the first pitch than Ted Kennedy? Ted is as polarizing a public figure as anyone. It's going to be embarrassing when half the crowd boos him. Are the Red Sox really assuming that the Fenway crowd will conduct itself with class by giving Teddy a polite cheer? Remember, this is the same group of people that shout "Yankees Suck!" at games and wear T-shirts to the games that say, "Jeter Swallows".

The New York Times is threatening to shut down the Boston Globe, unless the unions make concessions which would strip or reduce benefits and promises made to the workers as part of their contracts. While I feel badly for the pressmen and the people that produce the paper, this is not a surprise to me. If you read both the Boston Herald and Globe on a daily basis, it is like reading about two separate worlds. The Globe has chosen to be chummy with Beacon Hill insiders. The Herald has become the paper of investigative record, constantly unearthing evidence of corruption and self serving behavior by politicians. To put it bluntly, the Globe has been getting its collective ass kicked in terms of news reporting by the Herald.

Here's where the Globe continues not to "get it". Their transparent liberalism is on display every day in the papers; so much so, that it permeates every non op ed political story they do. Yet, in today's article about the possibility of the Globe shutting down, one of the sentences from the story that is mind boggling says that critics say the paper is a victim of its liberal bias, but these critics don't provide specific eamples.

My responses to this silly sentence are the following:

1.) Who was the last Republican to run for Governor, U.S. Senate, or President that received a Globe endorsement in a general election?

2.) When Deval Patrick proposed a $0.29 gas tax hike, the Globe gleefully endorsed it saying that that responsible people sometimes need to make difficult decisons, as opposed to the Globe taking a moderate, prudent view of encouraging Beacon Hill to cut waste.

3.) They should go back and read their cheerleading coverage of the Obama Presidential campaign from the last 12 months.

While the Globe has revived its sports coverage in recent years with the addition of Mike Reiss and Chad Finn, the continued presence of lazy, entitled columnists Dan Shaughnessy and Nick Cafardo continue to be a drag on the sports page.

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Nick McNulty said...

President Bush threw out the first pitch in front of adoring masses in Texas today. Unlike John Kerry and other limp wristed liberals, President Bush was able to put the ball over the plate crisply.

Maybe the uberliberal owners of the Red Sox can give Teddy an Oldsmobile to drive the ball over the plate in.