Friday, April 3, 2009

Cutler Traded to Bears

After acting like a crybaby when word came out that the Denver Broncos were interested in QB Matt Cassel, the Broncos have jettisoned Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. Cutler, seeming to forget that professional sports is a business, had his nose out of joint regarding the Cassel inquiries and refused to come to some sort of agreement/consensus with new head coach Josh McDaniels and owner Pat Bowlen.

The Broncos got a ransom of draft picks, along with QB Kyle Orton from the Bears who haven't had a good QB in 20 years, since Jim McMahon was there. Cutler made a big mistake by allegedly not returning phone calls from McDaniels and Bowlen. Denver has one of the most talented young offenses in the NFL and Josh McDaniels' system would certainly benefit his career. Now Cutler is in Chicago, with mediocre offensive talent, and best of all, he and Bears Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner, have some bad blood going back to when Cutler was being recruited for college.

I believe the Broncos got the best of the trade. With the two first rounders they received from the Bears, they can focus on fixing up a porous defense that was among the worst in the NFL last year. McDaniels proved last year that he can tailor a system to an inexperienced QB last year when he helped Matt Cassel become a top 10 QB in the NFL.

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